JBL HDMI Soundbar Demo Quick Start Guide

  • Update all 4 soundbars with the appropriate demo firmwares
  • Disable the Anynet function on the Samsung television and set it to HDMI 1 input
  • Carefully unpack the switching system from the carton box
  • Connect the product cables to the soundbars and TV
  • Connect the Led indicators to the Interface box
  • Mount the infrared transmitter at the bottom middle of the Samsung TV set
  • Plug all 3 power adapters in the included powerstrip
  • Mount the included smartphone and bracket on the shop display
  • Switch the power to the powerstrip and soundbars all on at the same time
  • Check if the TV audio output is set to TV SPEAKERS, if not change it to that setting.
  • At first boot the smartphone may ask to confirm the home app, with a dialog like this :
  • Make sure to select the FULLY KIOSK BROWSER option and confirm with Altijd/Always, you will only have to do this once.

The system takes about 3,5 minutes to startup completely, after this period it is ready for use