The system is not responding correctly to selections in the smartphone app or buttons Make sure to switch on the power to all parts of the system (mediaplayer, interface and splitter) at the exact same time, preferably by using a switched power socket.


No content is shown on the TV screen Make sure the correct HDMI input is selected on the TV Screen, HDMI 1
There is no sound coming from the selected soundbar Check if there is content selected and playing in the phone app, Check if the HDMI cable is firmly connected to the bar to the HDMI INPUT (HDMI ARC on Bar 2.0)
The TV is not playing any audio during the 5 Second TV comparison demo Check if the Infrared transmitter is still properly mounted at the underside of the TV screen, it should be just below the Samsung logo in the bottom center of the TV screen
One of the soundbars is not responding to volume commands Check if the soundbar has been updated with the latest demo software and is in demo mode, check page 2 of this manual for instructions.
Some of the videos are not showing on the TV screen when selected Check the language settings in the phone app, they need to match the configuration of the switching set (1 of 2 languages possible)